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Programming Delphi Database Applications

The goal of this book is to describe the components, tools and procedures to follow to operate with database when developing Delphi apps in different environments.

The book is divided in 3 parts:

1. Access to local Data

You will see different projects as examples focusing in Windows and macOS systems and mobile devices, using apps.

2. Data access in client-server

The author focuses in the most common part: data architecture where the application communicates with a data server to operate with the information.

3. Distributed applications

This part is intended to the data access techniques in distributed environments with clients.


iOS/Android Application Development with Delphi

This book is aimed at helping those who don't know Delphi in subjects related to mobile application development. At the same time, it tries to provide those who know Delphi with the information they need to make the leap from traditional projects into mobile applications projects.

The book is formed by 3 different parts:

1. The mobile ecosystem

The first part of this book aims at giving a general outlook on the main devices and software platforms.

2. Mobile development with Delphi

The second part is more extensive, and it tackles all the mobile application development process with Delphi.

Mobile programming techniques

In the last part, the book shows some specific aspects about developing for iOS and Android devices, such as sensor access, integrated Camara, advertising or communication between applications.


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