iOS/Android Application Development with Delphi

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iOS/Android Application Development with Delphi
By Francisco Charte | English | 567 pages | Digital [customized pdf]

iOS/Android Application Development with Delphi

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Good News for Mobile Developers!

We care about you and we have always tried to give you all the information you need so you can access new technologies with confidence.With this philosophy in mind, we are launching the first book addressed to developers who need to know what one should keep in mind when developing applications for mobile devices.

This book, written by Francisco Charte, is aimed at helping those who don't know Delphi in subjects related to mobile application development. At the same time, it tries to provide those who know Delphi with the information they need to make the leap from traditional projects into mobile applications projects.


This book is divided into three parts:

The possibilities that Delphi provides, especially in its higher editions, are countless. It allows you to build applications for Windows and OS X, by chosing between different kinds of user interface. Moreover, we can use Delphi in order to create component libraries for this environment. Delphi is one of the most powerful development environments when we want to access any kind of database. Last, it provides us with features for developing mobile applications.

This book aims at filling this gap, providing the developers with a guide which can help them (regardless their level of Delphi) to start creating mobile applications.

This book is divided into three sections:

  1. Made up of three chapters, the first part of this book aims at giving a general outlook on the main devices and software platforms. We will emphasize the existing differences between these devices, and PCs and portables which, until recently, were the main platforms for which software was built. We will also enumerate the specific development tools aimed at each one of the systems.

  2. The second part is more extensive and it tackles all the mobile application development process with Delphi. Taking the product installation and its related tools as our starting point, we will proceed to talk about the environment and the programming languages, and we will describe the general software development process and the use of component and class libraries.

  3. In the last part, the book shows some specific aspects about developing for iOS and Android devices, such as sensor access, integrated camara, advertising or communication between applications.


 Note: Most part of the content of this book, as well as the examples explained in it, can be applied to XE7 or upper. The features introduced in XE6 (not available in XE5) will be appropriately pointed out in the text.

Libro gratuito, pide el tuyo aquí. 


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