Important Customer Information


Safety Recommendations


In order to increase your safety in browsing the Internet, we give the following recommendations: Always keep your software browser updated. In order to do this, you can connect to those web providers:
Do not enter your email and password if there is someone around who can use and see your computer. Avoid public places. Choose Your password that can strengthen its security. Avoid using numbers that can easily be deduced (e.g. date of birth) or recorded. Finally, if you have a version of Netscape Communicator earlier than version 4.5, or a version of Internet Explorer prior to 5.x, we recommend that you update from January 1, 2000, by visiting websites that use safe browsing (https) certificate issued by Verisign, a shot displays that the certificate of the CA (certification Authority) has expired. The Information on the version of your browser will be found in the "Help" option on the top bar of the program.


Payment Methods


Danysoft uses the most secure methods ensuring that purchases are made with total reliability and confidentiality , reserving all your data. To do this, regardless of what payment method you use, all purchases are made via secure server, which encrypts and protects all information. We are aware of the realities of our customers and therefore we have tried to reach everyone, offering two possibilities to choose the method that best suits your needs.
  • Credit card with secure server Danysoft: Danysoft features secure server certified by one of the most famous companies of secure communications sector. In this case you send us data encrypted, so no one can have access to them. We accept the most popular credit cards.


  • Bank Transfer: Sending copy of it by fax at (+34) 916 546 382 or (+34) 902 123 145, and after receiving the order is processed. Bank Details:
    • Spain | BBVA 0182 5710 02 0201511326 | IBAN ES12 0182 5710 0202 0151 1326 | Swift Code : BBVAESMM
    • Spain | La Caixa 2100 4133 27 2200035788 | IBAN ES57 2100 4133 27 2200035788 | Swift Code : CAIXESBBXXX
    • Portugal | Caixa Geral de Depositos | 0035 0001 0001 189090325 | IBAN PT50 0035 0001 0001 189090325


  • PayPal: Only Books.
After completing the order process , Danysoft will confirm your purchase and assign an order number , which is what you should use for any claim or tracking your purchase . It will also be sent to you an e -mail confirming that your order has been received by Danysoft and verified the data of it . From this moment the purchase has occurred and from our storage your order will be forwarded to the specified address.


Shipping Methods


Our goal is customer satisfaction. For that reason we work with the best companies. Furthermore the customer has a wide range of shipping methods to choose from:
Messaging Spain (Peninsula). Messaging Spain (Balearic Islands). Messaging Spain (Canary Islands). Messaging Portugal. There are also options to pick up at our offices; indicate your own messaging, in case the postage will be due, or others; where the cost is zero. Heed shipping offers advertised on the site regularly .
For more information please contact your usual commercial in Danysoft or send us your inquiry by clicking the "Contact "button at the bottom of this page